VivaChek is a straightforward, simple and practical way for your patient to monitor their blood glucose levels, eliminating the need for time consuming training sessions.

Product details:

Features such as auto control recognition help your patient to comply with DVLA requirements by eliminating the need to tell the meter when the control solution is used. Instead, a dedicated electrode on the VivaChek test strip automatically detects the difference between blood and control. This means that control readings are automatically excluded from averages and clearly marked as controls giving you confidence in the authenticity of the results.

No coding, hematocrit compensation, hypo, and high ketone alerts, 900 measurement memory, Diasend compatibility, and a handy strip ejector.


VivaChek’s eight electrode technology gives you the reliability and stability you need to help you control your patient’s diabetes with confidence. In a recent survey, 9 out of 10 VivaChek Ino users said their meter was easy to use.


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